Best Tips for Better Sex with Asian Escorts

Las Vegas Asian Escorts

If you book and agree to have sex with asian escorts, make it the most memorable sensual experience in your life. Just like other human beings, companions enjoy sex too. Providing companionship is their primary job and they do it with passion. But, they sometimes meet exceptional clients. These are men that make them feel special.

So, if you successfully convince these companions to make love to you, know that you have made them feel special. To ensure that you don’t disappoint them, follow these tips when making love to your Asian models.

Make a Great First Impression

How you look when going to meet these temptresses will go a long way in influencing how they will treat you. Nothing puts off a companion than a man that looks like he’s just arrived from tilling a land when going for a date. Therefore, take a shower and put on nice outfit and cologne. Shave beards and apply a natural facial cream or body cream. Look your best to easily turn on your models.

Engage in Foreplay

Don’t head straight to bed on meeting these models. Treat them with respect by allowing time for foreplay. In fact, you can meet these courtesans in a restaurant, head to a club for some dances, and eventually head to your hotel room for a sensual exploration session. Take time to know each other and establish rapport. Engage in a dirty talk, caress, kiss, and make the models feel special.

Practice Your Best Positions

Any caring woman will be glad to take it from you in a position that satisfies you most. After all, she agreed to make love to you because you convinced her that you are worthy her treats. Therefore, don’t disappoint when it comes to this. Practice sex positions that enable you to drive a woman crazy. Doggy style is particularly great because it allows small girls of the Asian origin to have optimal control. It also makes adjusting motion range and angle of penetration easy. Additionally, this position lets you stimulate a woman’s clitoris and breasts. Practice this position right and she will be moaning and screaming with pleasure.

Don’t Rush

Don’t be quick to release your las vegas asian escorts after making love. Instead, spend some time together. If you had booked your model for a night, you will be lucky to get a morning glory sex.

Follow these tips and you will have a sexual experience you will live to remember.

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